10 September 2012

Ever Wonder What Dolls Do When We Are Not Looking???

 Raid the Cookies!
Dress: FFDR 1868 Day Dress, Mantilla 1869 Peterson's Magazine

Take ownership of YOUR favorite Teddy Bear
Dress inspired by Blondinette Davranches by Florence Theriault 

Play with your sewing supplies.
Dress inspired by "Lilas" by Sammy Odin.

Relax on the human bed, in PJ's, all day, reading your fave books and magazines.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Fashions 1861-1865 Wish Booklet by Susan Sirkis, French Fashion Doll Revue. 
Robe and Shawl inspired by Blondinette Davranches by Florence Theriault.

14 August 2012

"Lilas" book by Samy Odin. From DOLLSPART.

I received the beautiful book "Lilas" book by Samy Odin for my birthday. I LOVE it! So beautiful.


Images from the beautiful book "Lilas" by Samy Odin.


Celeste admires her new Lilac Striped Cotton made to resemble Lilas' Toilette # 8 fashion on page 11. This fashion is also feautured on the cover of the book.  :)


Celeste reads her very own copy of Journal Des Poupees from the 15 Mai 1865 issue of La Poupee Modele. This is such an entertaining read. It reminds you of the Chat On Fashions sections of the magazines written for Women of the 1800's. Just so whimsical and wonderful!  

I truly love and admire this book so very much and am very grateful to M. Samy Odin for writing it. The Musee De La Poupee is a heaven for doll lovers.

03 May 2012

A Complete Doll's Trousseau in 1865 according to La Poupee Modele

A Complete Trousseau for a Doll in 1865 according to La Poupee Modele

2 festooned blouses
2 richly decorated blouses
4 pairs of trousers, 2 simple, 2 rich
4 camisoles as above
2 night caps
2 hairnets
1 hoop skirt, in colored fabric with train
1 netted hoop skirt
2 white petticoats, festooned and pleated
2 embroidered and lace trimmed petticoats
1 wool ruffled petticoat
1 corset
4 chemises, one high necked in nansouk, one high necked in silk chiffon, lace trimmed, 2 open necked, one embroidered nansouk, the other richly decorated silk chiffon.
4 hemmed handkerchiefs with numbers
2 embroidered handkerchiefs
2 stiff plain collars
2 embroidered collars
1 application collar
1 pair of sleeves to match the application collar
2 pairs of stiff, solid color sleeves
2 pairs of embroidered sleeves
4 pairs of stockings, 2 white, 1 red and 1 with open work.
1 dress hat with flowers and lace
2 simpler hats, one morning hat in embroidered nansouk, trimmed with lace, another in chiffon with ribbons
2 head scarves, one blonde with ribbons, the other black lace
1 pair of velvet slippers for winter
1 pair leather mules for summer
1 pair dancing slippers
1 pair of ankle boots with elastics
1 pair of Russian boots
2 night dresses
1 elegant coloured cashmere jacket
2 striped of plain fabric pea jacket for cool weather
1 hooded cape
1 crocheted fichu
1 Foulard silk Russian blouse
2 cloaks, one in richly decorated velvet, the other in black silk
1 large white, blue or red cloak with a hood, decorated with point lace, for carriage travel or leaving a ball
2 pairs of gloves, one white, one dark shade
1 pair of mittens
1 round hat for travel
1 cap, toque, or lady’s hunt hat for country use or simple dress occasions.
1 closed hat in tulle or straw for fancy dress
1 velvet hat or felt hat for winter
2 hats, 1 evening and 1 ball style
7 dresses. Dressing gown, house dress, travel dress, demi toilette dress, silk dress for fancy dress, chiffon or rich light fabric for small evening, ceremonial dinners, concerts or balls
1 hair net in soutache or chenille, for at home use
1 ‘in any case’ all weather clothing
1 parasol
2 fur coats, muff and fur tippet
2 aprons, 1 in black silk and 1 garden apron in off white fabric
2 veils, 1 large white tulle viel and 1 black lace small mask veil
1 set of jewelry in fine pearl or coral, matching earrings, pin watch, bracelets.