10 September 2012

Ever Wonder What Dolls Do When We Are Not Looking???

 Raid the Cookies!
Dress: FFDR 1868 Day Dress, Mantilla 1869 Peterson's Magazine

Take ownership of YOUR favorite Teddy Bear
Dress inspired by Blondinette Davranches by Florence Theriault 

Play with your sewing supplies.
Dress inspired by "Lilas" by Sammy Odin.

Relax on the human bed, in PJ's, all day, reading your fave books and magazines.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Fashions 1861-1865 Wish Booklet by Susan Sirkis, French Fashion Doll Revue. 
Robe and Shawl inspired by Blondinette Davranches by Florence Theriault.