14 August 2012

"Lilas" book by Samy Odin. From DOLLSPART.

I received the beautiful book "Lilas" book by Samy Odin for my birthday. I LOVE it! So beautiful.


Images from the beautiful book "Lilas" by Samy Odin.


Celeste admires her new Lilac Striped Cotton made to resemble Lilas' Toilette # 8 fashion on page 11. This fashion is also feautured on the cover of the book.  :)


Celeste reads her very own copy of Journal Des Poupees from the 15 Mai 1865 issue of La Poupee Modele. This is such an entertaining read. It reminds you of the Chat On Fashions sections of the magazines written for Women of the 1800's. Just so whimsical and wonderful!  

I truly love and admire this book so very much and am very grateful to M. Samy Odin for writing it. The Musee De La Poupee is a heaven for doll lovers.