08 February 2017

In which I attend a fun doll show.

 Celeste received all kinds of treasures at the doll show.
Fancy lace for dress making.

 Winter accessories galore.

We always make new friends at the doll show. Yay.

And a good time was had by all.


16 January 2017

In which I Am Relaxing In My Room

Even a doll, sometimes wishes to have a quiet evening in her room. A warm flannel night gown. My hair was brushed, dampened with perfumed water and put up in curlers. Now, for a good book. :)

24 January 2015

My New Dolly Crochet Booklet. Victorian Styles.

I found this vintage Coats and Clark crocheting booklet on Ebay. It is from 1952 and features the prettiest dresses that I should be able to make for my Celeste doll. Now, if only I can wait on the mail....

17 September 2014

Celeste Loves "Les Aventures de Deux Soeurs" The New French Fashion Doll Magazine.

This publication is very well done. Each quarterly issue includes the journal entries of 2 French Fashion Dolls (sisters) Charlotte and Mimi.
A complete dressmakers pattern with thorough instructions.
A beautiful paper doll set with fashions and accessories. 

Celeste points out the new dress she wants me to make for her out of the Premiere Issue of Les Aventures de Deux Soeurs. This is an adorable fashion and I can't wait to reduce the pattern to fit Celeste's dainty figure. Totally excited! 


23 July 2014

In Which Celeste Helps Me Learn New Crochet Techniques...

"Good Morning, Celeste. It's a gorgeous day in the country. What shall we do today?"

Hmmm. I wonder if Celeste is trying to give me hint?
My sweet little doll knows that when I am attempting to learn something new in crochet, I always use my crochet hook that once belonged to Great, Great, Grandma Paden, my NEW book from Aunt Jan & normal weight yarns. 
Hoping to learn to make Granny Squares so that I can make a cute bag. Celeste knows that after I learn to make this on my big hook and yarn, that I shall make her a matching bag with a dainty hook and tiny yarn. 

"Uhhh, Celeste, it is difficult for me to continue to learn if you are sitting on my crocheting. 
Maybe you could find the tiny yarns you wish to have your own miniature bag made from..."
Oh dear, how did she get this tangled up??? Better go help Celeste. 

As you all can see, Celeste and I shall be having a fun day of crocheting. Stay tuned for pictures of our new bags...

04 June 2014

Paris Collection. One of my birthday gifts is on it's way. Yay!

So happy to finally have my very own copy of Sylvia MacNeil's Paris Collection coming for my birthday. I have borrowed the public library's copy so many times. I LOVE this book. Can't wait to reduce the patterns and make them for my darling Celeste doll. 
Hopefully I shall also receive a gift card to the fabric store, (hint, hint Sis) lol
Anyways, then we can go shopping for fabrics to make the fashions. I do believe the striped dress on the far right shall be my first attempt.... So happy! 

25 November 2013

Celeste "Gabor" ???

Brrrrs. No snow yet, but it sure is cold! This new "furry" shawl makes Celeste look super glamorous. I crocheted it with some fuzzy yarn, my mother gave me, and a wooden size G crochet hook. It was really fun. But, now I think we shall have to call her Celeste "Gabor" as she looks just like a movie star. lol. 

24 November 2013

Happy Birthday Celeste.

November 21st was Celeste's birthday. We waited until Saturday to celebrate. We had cake and presents and birthday cards. 

Cards and wrapped presents

Presents included a new teddy bear, checkers and hatbox by My Merry, and a cushion for hat pins. 

 Celeste loved her new teddy bear the best. :)