10 July 2017

About Celeste the Dolly's Family

Celeste's Parents,
Jacques and Hitty Preble Adair.

Celeste's Parents were Jacques Adair and Hitty Preble Adair. In 1830, the young Jacques, with his Parents, Harrison and Lucinda Adair, left their home in Rouen, France and moved to Cranberry Isles, Maine, USA in order to form a business partnership with John and Penny Preble. The Adairs and the Prebles were in the lucrative wool industry.

Eighteen year old, Jacques Adair soon fell in love with the daughter of the Prebles, whose name was Hitty. Jacques and Hitty were married in Cranberry Isles, January of 1831. A few years later, their tiny daughter, Celeste Marie was born.
In those days, the export of wool necessitated much travel between the United States and France. Celeste was raised in both cultures. She graduated from the Parisian Female Seminary in 1850. Eventually, Grandmother Lucinda's increasing problems with rheumatism would impel the family to move to the Three Rivers region near the Ozark Mountains. An area known for it's "miraculous healing springs"; Grandmother Lucinda was able to recover her health. Celeste the Dolly, the family and it's descendants still reside in this beautiful area.

Grandmother Lucinda Adair, circa 1820.

The family home in Three Rivers, Circa 1852.

This is the family history of the dolls who live with me. Your dolls may have different stories.   :)


  1. Wonderful history! So happy to see you posting here again.

  2. Yeah, I too am pleased to see you posting again :)