25 November 2013

Celeste "Gabor" ???

Brrrrs. No snow yet, but it sure is cold! This new "furry" shawl makes Celeste look super glamorous. I crocheted it with some fuzzy yarn, my mother gave me, and a wooden size G crochet hook. It was really fun. But, now I think we shall have to call her Celeste "Gabor" as she looks just like a movie star. lol. 

24 November 2013

Happy Birthday Celeste.

November 21st was Celeste's birthday. We waited until Saturday to celebrate. We had cake and presents and birthday cards. 

Cards and wrapped presents

Presents included a new teddy bear, checkers and hatbox by My Merry, and a cushion for hat pins. 

 Celeste loved her new teddy bear the best. :) 

01 November 2013

Winter Woolens and A Warm Night Gown

Celeste loves her toasty new long underwear and stockings. 

 But now it is time for a bed time routine. On goes the warm night gown. A little before bed reading and them yawns, time to catch some zzz's. Good night Celeste, I love you, see you in the morning. :) 

23 September 2013

Fall / Winter Crocheting. Celeste's Faux Ermine Muff, Hat and Collar.

Celeste will be very toasty in the chilly weather with her hand crocheted hat, collar and muff. Crocheted in soft white baby yarn with little black accents to give the appearance of ermine. This was really fun to make.  I am still a beginner at crocheting, so it is done in simple single crochet using my size H wooden hook.